Thank You UNIMELB….

Skjermbilde 2013-12-28 kl. 14.27.19

I was so lucky that Unimelb wanted me… I started to get ready in my mind to travel all the way to Australia.

“How much would it cost to live in Australia”….
“How much would it cost to fly there… how long will the flight take….”

I checked out places to live, info about the flight, and much more!

…. I stayed up one night, just to contact Unimelb on their livechat between 2am and about 5-6am… So many questions that needed answers! 🙂
I had home exam at the same time.
After chatting some time with Unimelb…

I am afraid this is not an offer letter but just an emailed newsletter that goes to all our contacts.  I am sorry you have been misled!

WHAT!?!?!?!?!…. My smile just fell off my face…. Did I read that right????

2 e-mail later….

Sorry about the confusion!  I will ask our team that puts together the newsletter to be a bit clearer in future.

Great! I hope it will never happen again in the future… Not to me, not to anyone! It hurts getting “tricked” like that…!!!!

Thanks to the person i spoke to! Really helpful! 🙂

Skjermbilde 2013-12-28 kl. 14.27.54

Yeah, It’s my fault that I did not do the audition right, as the standard required.
Now I can only dream about studying at Unimelb, and visiting Australia.


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